Yelp API

Yelp API is an interface provided by Yelp to allow developers to access Yelp's vast database of local business information and user reviews. With the Yelp API, developers can integrate Yelp's data into their applications, websites, and services, enabling users to search for businesses, view reviews, and obtain detailed information about specific locations. The Yelp API provides a range of endpoints that developers can use to retrieve data, including search queries for businesses, user reviews, photos, and check-ins. Developers can also use the API to add new businesses, photos, and reviews, as well as update and delete existing content. Yelp API requires authentication, and developers must register their applications and obtain an API key to access Yelp's data. The API is available in JSON and XML formats, and developers can choose to receive data in English or other languages, depending on their needs.